Advantages of 3D Wooden puzzles Toys for Children

Every time we want the best for our children. When there are so many choices, wooden toys are always the first choice of our parents. About the texture of well-molded, strongly built wooden pieces there is always some distinctive sensation to touch with a warm woodsy smell. In this perspective, wooden toys grant a pure, instinctive relation with nature.

3D Wooden puzzles remained evergreen over the years unlike other typical plastic toys and prime part of our house, schools, and playgrounds. Our grandparents and parents recollect memories of their own time when picking out toys for their kids. Wooden toys have a close relation to our traditions.

A historian Amy F. Ogata, who wrote in her book Designing The Creative, that wood “is a familiar and poetic substance, which does not sever the child from close contact with the tree, the table, the floor.”

 So, there are seven major advantages of  3D wooden puzzles for children.

Environmentally sound:

Wooden toys made from renewable, natural materials are, no doubt, much more environmentally friendly than any other toy made from synthetic plastic or iron and so on. The advantage of wooden toys is that they are more eco-friendly than artificial plastic made. They can be degraded and reprocessed. As in this case, we are playing a major role in extricating our planet from pollution. 

Mechanical Wooden toys further enjoy their organic permit when there are no paint coatings or if there are some, assured to be non-toxic.

The outcome is that hand-made 3D wooden puzzles put forward a contrast between bogus unnatural plastic toys due to their less chance of renovation.

Educational advantage of 3D wooden puzzles:

Wooden toys for educational purposes were taken by educational psychologist Dr. Lawrence. who noticed a deficiency of educational toys for children suffering from learning deficits. Since his time, we have had a range of changes according to the needs of our kids. He also made some wooden toys in his garage.
As Ogata writes: “among the educated middle and upper-middle classes, wood became the material symbol of timelessness, authenticity, refinement in the modern educational toy”.
3D Wooden puzzles include building blocks of different shapes like triangle rectangle, circular for complex construction, puzzles like jigsaw puzzles, small construction toys. The benefit of 3D Wooden puzzles toys for children is, motor learning, figuring out numbers, and problem-solving.

You can concentrate better:

As a part of nature, wood has a special soothing effect on someone’s mind working on some heavy stuff. Wood has some psychological and positive emotional effects on a person, leaving behind a gentle feeling.
According to some studies, aluminum, cool plastic, and less steel cause an increase in blood pressure while wooden material has a blood pressure-lowering effect and is soft to touch.
Persons working in wooden spaces are automatically able to think better, do creative things, and feel homely with reduced stress levels because wood sets our minds at ease.
The advantage of wood is that it affects the air quality and atmosphere of the room so the individual remains emotionally stable strain-free.

Durability and longevity:

As we all know that any digital, audio-visual, or other machinery toys are at more risk to crash or collapse any time and plastic toys can be fragile. The main reason behind all these mis-happenings is that our young ones are not concerned about their toys. They left them in heavy rain, in hot summer, and continuously attacked by their parents. This is what we see all the time in our surroundings.

Wooden mechanical models, on the flip side, can bear any behavior or treatment. Wooden toys would forget any cracking, discoloration, decay, and make certain that this piece of wood will now move from one generation to the next.

Gold coast-based mum Megan Walford has this personal experience. She said:

“I have a whole set of wooden toys that I played with as a child that I have passed on to my two boys. They have got a few scuffs and scratches but they are still really strong, and will last for who knows how long.”

Fires the imagination:

In today’s world children are having all sorts of stuff like screens, digital games, electronic toys. All these are well stocked with different colors, noises, and also radiations from screens affecting their eyesight. Research says that electronic toys do not help in language development.

In contrast, 3D wooden puzzles provide a better platform for children in the form of a blank, fine-grained slate for putting their thoughts, mental reflection on that piece.

Walford says “my youngest son’s favorite toy is currently a stick he found in the garden. It’s amazing what a child’s creativity can do with the simplest things”

Promotes social interaction:

Youngsters playing games on the internet, using computers and electronics all day long in their rooms become friendless and antisocial because it’s a solitary activity. Though in this era electronic media has some charming shades on the minds of our new generation then there are some side effects of an extra dose of digital multimedia.

Digital up-to-date toys are automated, doing a lot of things for children on their own, with no role on the side of a child that is something really bad.

However, 3DWooden puzzles are more beneficial, simple, engaging, enhancing cognitive ability and creative thinking of children. Lacking any kind of harm, noise, radiation, and automaticity makes them best for children.

The advantage of using wooden puzzles is that a child is a socialite, extrovert, and having interaction with his surroundings.


Woefully, mostly plastic or other toys have some sharp edges or specifically metal toys that are unfavorable to children, in the form of any cuts around their hands or corners of mouth and tongue when they habitually put their toys in mouth. Plastic toys are easy to break.

In comparison,3D wooden puzzles toys are not that harmful to children. No toxic material on wooden pieces makes them perfect for children’s security. Even if they are continuously put in the mouth.

The advantage of Wooden toys is that they are a helping hand for the somatic, conceptual, and spiritual blossoming of children. In today’s world, there is a huge variety of 3D Wooden Puzzles toys available in our surroundings for children making their lives untroubled.

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