Difference between 3D Wooden Puzzle and Mechanical Model Kits

Difference between 3D Wooden Puzzle and Mechanical Model Kits

The days have gone by when people worldwide played 2D and block puzzles. Now, we are living in the era of 3D Wooden Puzzles that not only improves the way you solve puzzles but also enhance your puzzle-solving skills. 3D Wooden Puzzles are available in different categories and they are usually models of any objects, including Buildings, Carts, Boats, and more. In short, 3D Wooden Puzzle isn’t as much complicated as Mechanical Puzzles are, because Mechanical Puzzle comes with detailed and needs more attention and time to be get solved than 3D Wooden Puzzles.
You would be surprised to know that the very first Jigsaw puzzle was created out of wood in Europe, almost three centuries back. Those puzzles were world or any specific location maps cut into small pieces. Users from worldwide had required to fit those pieces together to complete the puzzle. Apart from that, 3D Wooden Puzzles are being used for educational purposes too and they help build your child’s brain as well. They are available in a variety of categories and each one has sub-categories to choose from. The trend of online shopping is increasing day by day and different marketplaces of 3D Wooden Puzzle exit on the internet.

Mechanical Model Kits – Perfect for your Brain Fitness

In the era of electronic devices and new technology development, people are getting involved in the digital world, going far away from reality. Such kinds of activities realize the lack of physical contact with 3D objects, especially kids with toys. Surely, you should be one of those who are searching for different ways to get yourself busy while doing something interesting and relaxing jobs.

The activities that may take you away from mobile rays for a while to allow your eyes to have a rest and get your brain back to work; meanwhile, entertain you a lot. Usually, these activities are known as DIY Hobbies – and the best example is 3D Models that came from special construction.

What is a 3D Puzzle?

Surely, you have played dozens of Puzzle mobile games – but 3D model-making kits have their own significance in the real world as they are more complicated and tricky than mobile puzzles, but they are helpful and entertaining. It comes with a set of elements that need to be assembled following a specific manual to complete the puzzle. In return, you may get a complete 3D model of any object. However, the model you built may represent any existing object, depending on the creativeness of those who developed that.

Similarly, a mechanical puzzle is a 3D puzzle that offers a set of interlinked pieces that upon assembling may manipulate an object or parts. You should keep in mind that puzzles are designed for a single-player where the ultimate job is to see through the manual to collect come points and start building model structure. Mechanical Puzzles are the best source to learn when it comes to puzzle-solving training.

6 hands holding wooden gears on white table with a wooden rocket in center

Categories of Mechanical Puzzles

Usually, Mechanical Puzzles have a broad range of categories than 3D Wooden Puzzles and they are more complicated when comes to detail. A new user may take a few additional hours for building the puzzle. The prominent categories are the following:

  • Assembly
  • Pyramid Puzzles
  • Disassembly
  • Interlocking
  • Disentanglement
  • Fold
  • Lock
  • Trick Vessels
  • Impossible Objects
  • Dexterity
  • Sequential Movement
  • Simulated Mechanical

Each puzzle comes with different methods used to complete them.

3D Wooden Puzzles vs. Mechanical Model Kits

It won’t be wrong to say that both are puzzles belonging to each other. Mechanical Model Kits are also made up of wood but they are detailed and complicated when comes to solve. Similarly, 3D Wooden Puzzles are pretty simple, but hard to master. Usually, they come up with a manual that users read to complete the puzzle, but they aren’t as much complicated as Mechanical Model Kits are. Therefore, we suggest people start with a 3D Wooden Puzzle and then go for complicated models like Mechanical Objects. If you directly start with Mechanical Puzzle, then chances are high that you end up with nothing, except for a mess.

Dozens of 3D Building Puzzles are nowadays available in different local marketplaces or you can also buy them from the only store. You don’t need any specific tools, except for glue to connect pieces if need. Sometimes, you don’t need any glue to connect pieces. Furthermore, the 3D Wooden Puzzle comes with all the essential tools in a box to craft an object. Now, it depends on you whether you love to craft a building model or anything else you love.

Benefits of 3D Wooden Puzzles

The majority of people claimed that the process of puzzle assembling encourages the development of their assiduity and carefulness. Usually, everyone has been satisfied with a positive effect on their mind, health, and emotion because assembling a 3D puzzle is a healthy activity that is good for your mind and eyes as well. Take a break from your regular mobile usage and convert your attention to build 3D models after buying or existing one you already bought.

Apart from that, mechanical puzzles that come up with motors and other amazing tools may help you learn how everything works as well as improves your skills, imagination, thinking capabilities, and memory. If you don’t know let me clear the most physiologists claimed that there is a simple intercommunication between the scenery nerve and hemispheres ending located in hands and touching balls.


Surely, your all doubts may be cleared now and you have a lot of information regarding a hobby of the DIY puzzle. After having familiar with the advantages of 3D Puzzle Modeling, you don’t hesitate to buy one for yourself and enjoy the excitement when building your brain and improving your memory at the same time. Besides, Mechanical 3D Puzzles are the best present for small craftsmen (kids), as well as adults who love building objects of your dreams, including vehicles, buildings, completed structures, trains, and more they love.

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