Tips for Building 3D Wooden Puzzles – Beginner’s Guide

Tips for Building 3D Wooden Puzzles – Beginner’s Guide

The days have gone by when people played with simple Jigsaw and other puzzle games like Bricks and Blocks. Nowadays, we are living in the modern era of 3D Wooden Puzzles that won’t only help you hone your skills, but also give you a chance to tackle different types of problems in a variety of ways. It could be your incredible hobby and you may fall in love with model building after getting engaged with it. Before starting with 3D Wooden Puzzles, you should learn some tips that help you make your journey awesome. Therefore, we are here with a handy guide that helps you get answers to most of your questions regarding 3D models and push your skills a step ahead. Let’s get started!

Introduction of Model Kits?

Undoubtedly, nowadays everything has been released in different versions, ranging from normal to advance. Everyone’s puzzle difficulty level depending on their puzzle-solving skills like if you are a master then surely you would go with advanced puzzle levels. Similarly, 3D Wooden Puzzle spans to different varieties that upon compiling may bring the final product to life.

Besides that, there are dozens of model kits available that come in several pieces that you must assemble to craft a product. Additionally, they come in different materials, including the following:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Metal

Depending on the model material, you are expected to assemble the model using the following items: Glue, Small Nails, Screws, or a mixture of all these three items. Additionally, lots of 3D Wooden Models require some painting work so they get in the same shape printed on their box. Today, our topic is 3D Wooden Puzzles and we have compiled a list of Best Tips for you to grab and continue with your hobby.

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How it can be done in 3 Simple Steps?

Building a 3D Wooden Puzzle is pretty easy – the only thing you have to do is bring pieces out of a box and figure out reference images to assemble the section. Once all are done, attach all pieces to make a 3D model. Usually, it can be done within three simple steps:

  • Sort – Firstly, you should separate our 3D puzzle pieces into several piles by shapes, design, and color. Following the step as I said will help you start assembling items faster since it makes the rest of the work much easier.
  • Assemble – Start assembling pieces to make a structure following images given within the box.
  • Go 3D – At the last step, you must give your product the final touches to make it ready to go.

Choose the right 3D Wooden Puzzles Kits

As mentioned above, 3D Wooden Puzzles have a broad range of kits they can either be a building, car model, house, golf course, clock tower, or many other things. Earlier, we suggest you not go with detailed and complicated 3D Wooden Puzzles Kits if you are new to them. Firstly, choose a pretty simple Puzzle Kit to assemble as well as learn how it works and can be assembled in how many steps. Once you are done, then you should go with average 3D Wooden Puzzles Kits. Gradually take yourself to mode advanced kits.

counterweight trebuchet finished model

Choose the Right Level According To Your Experiences

Selection of everyone should be according to your experience. If you aren’t good at solving advanced puzzles, then you should start with the basic plan as it won’t help you to keep yourself away from difficulties, but also help you hone your skills. Therefore, choose the 3D Wooden Puzzle Kit according to your skill and assemble the find product within a specific time. The selection of advanced kits isn’t a big deal, but it consumes your lots of time to understand how to assemble them.

We have figure out some skills and categorized them into five different sections to make them easy for you to understand. Find your skill level and start assembling pieces with no worries.

  • Skill Level 1 – If you possess Skill Level 1, then you should keep in mind that there is no need for any paint or glue, as assembling pieces can be done easily. If you are new to 3D Puzzles, then we suggest you go with it.
  • Skill Level 2 – Many kits are manufactured that need a bit of glue and paint job to get completed. Usually, the box contains less than 100 pieces that you can assemble using glue.
  • Skill Level 3 – Puzzle Kits release with more detailed parts and they have over 100 pieces that you must interact with to assemble.
  • Skill Level 4 – If we say that Skill Level 4 kits are more advanced than others won’t be wrong, as it comes with extra-fine details. Furthermore, it contains over 100 pieces.
  • Skill Level 5 – Kits of Skill Level 5 are specially designed for expert modelers because they land with superb-detailed parts and have over 100 pieces to deal with. Often, the Advanced Puzzle Kits bring moving parts like car suspensions, rotating propellers, and more.

A Work Area for Your Operation

After finding your skill level and selecting the 3D Puzzle Kit, you should decide your work area where you conduct operations to make the final product. If you are willing to work on detailed kits, then you should need a clean and a bit more space instead of a table though it can be done in a room or your workshop.

Read the Instruction Before You Start

Before starting, getting your hands-on instruction would be helpful. Sometimes, it gets a bit tricky when you don’t read what the paper says. Therefore, always prefer to read the instruction before you start working on your model.

Spend Some Time and Be Patient

Everything can’t be done within a few fingertips, although it is possible only in mobiles. Completion of 3D Wooden Puzzles needs more time and you should be forbearing to deal with all types of problems; otherwise, problems will continue to increase, instead of getting solved.

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3D Wooden Puzzles Kits guide includes helpful tips that you should keep in mind when starting your work. There are lots of points highlighted specially for beginners who usually make mistakes by selecting the most detailed Puzzle kits that are designed for expert modelers. Therefore, keep patience and start learning from the beginning; surely, you should be an expert modeler.

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