What Makes Medieval Wooden Model Kits the Most Amazing?

What Makes Medieval Wooden Model Kits the Most Amazing?

A medieval wooden model is a collection of discrete parts that must be put together in a specific order as per the instructions provided. As a consequence, you’ll have a fully organized three-dimensional model. These 3D wooden kits may be vehicles, fruits, or anything else. It depends on the creativity of the people who design them.

If you’re wondering what are the possible reasons anyone would spend money on wooden model kits? I mean, it’s just extra effort, right? Well, you’re about to be blown away. There are some very convincing grounds why people invest in these kits. Continue reading to explore them.

Good for Developing Motor Skills

These medieval wooden models come in puzzle kits. Simply put, there will be a plethora of tiny wooden pieces. You’ll have to put them all together to obtain the end result. These puzzles aren’t like any jigsaw puzzles. They take a lot of time and effort. You don’t follow the shape of the piece to find the spot where it fits. But rather, you follow an instructions manual to determine its rightful spot. This can assist with developing motor skills in children as well as adults. These skills may include hand and eye coordination, critical evaluation, problem identification and resolution, etc. Following the manual will also instigate a step-by-step approach to development skills. While you’re exposing your children to all kinds of useless toys, you might also want to get some educational ones like this so that your child looks forward to an end result rather than wasting time on video games.

wooden dream house model with LED light display

An Aesthetic Piece of Decoration

Once you’re done putting together the pieces, you can display the wooden model in a glass cabinet or a showcase. Some people purchase medieval wooden models only for the purpose of displaying them. The wooden structure can go just well with any theme of decorations in your home. It can also add an aesthetic appeal to them. If your kids set up the kit, you can display it as a symbol of achievement. You can set up a collection of these on a separate shelf to make your own medieval corner at home. People who visit your house will get an idea that you have a thing for art (which is good).

Brings the Family Together

Unlike other puzzles, these wooden model kits may take hours or even days to complete. A little assistance won’t do any harm. The entire family could sit together to put a kit together. It could be followed by some history of the particular model you’re constructing. Like for example if it’s a roman chariot you could narrate how they were used in royal funerals some centuries back and then they were found to be more effective in warfare and racing. It’ll help your family spend some together-time and communicate better in the future. Since these wooden models can even take days to complete, your family will have something to look forward to after dinner. Your children can even get some off-time from screens.

wooden distance recording chariot finished model display

A Wonderful Conversation Starter

Not being able to start a conversation with someone who comes over is any host’s worst nightmare. Conversations about the weather and current affairs will only last so long and won’t be that fruitful. Thankfully, you have the medieval wooden model kits to save you. If you have one ready and up for display, you might just get the perfect topic to talk about. If your guest hates history, you can change their mind. There’s no denying that history is boring. However, it can also get very fascinating if narrated just rightly. Talk about how Roman history captivates you or how you like to use these kits to kill time and stay away from technology. Everybody likes old school people these days. You can also flaunt your interests in ancient art.

Timeless Look And Feel

How often do you declutter and throw away decoration pieces because they just don’t belong anymore? It could be because of the new furniture or the new wallpaper? Thankfully, wooden structures don’t disintegrate nor do they go out of fashion. They’ve been used since forever. They are one of the oldest pieces of art available. Moreover, they keep ancient history alive especially in a time like this where people know nothing but what’s going on with the Kardashian family. Even when you’re moving, you can make room for them in any little corner of your house. Besides, considering all the time and effort you invested in putting one of these together, you won’t be getting rid of them any time soon.

wooden ferris wheel model on table with pen container and books

Environmental Friendly

The medieval wooden model kits are made with high-quality birch plywood. This material is completely biodegradable and will not contribute to pollution or the ecological crisis. It’s very easy to set up and doesn’t require any extra equipment. It also doesn’t require any glue or other toxic chemical to stick the pieces together.

Provides Indoor and Outdoor Entertainment

During the Covid-19 crisis, most of us were stuck at home with nothing to do. You can only watch Netflix for so long. While some people adopted pets to keep themselves occupied, not everyone can do that for various reasons. Therefore, medieval wooden model kits are here to rescue you. These tiny pieces of wood will keep you occupied for hours or even days. If you have nothing to do when your friends come over, pop one of these out. Disassemble and reassemble. Hold competitions. Challenge your kids to complete one of these within a specific time limit. Challenge one of your friends to do it without the instructions manual. Think out of the box, get work done. Have long breaks during classes? Take a wooden model kit with you. Open it up in the library, grab some friends, have the time of your life. These kinds of intellectual activities get you bonus points in the eyes of your school teachers. After all, they delineate that you’re using your time wisely and not wasting it on technology.

Instills a Sense of History

Having trouble concentrating on medieval history? Grab a wooden model kit. Seeing one on display every day can act as a reminder to study. You can also use it while studying and associate some historic events with it to have a photographic memory. If you have children who take no interest in history, maybe putting together a puzzle about it can inspire them. These wooden models can also be used during school presentations to give a visual idea regarding a relative history topic. They might also help you score some extra points. Collecting different wooden model kits will keep your children occupied and give them a harmless hobby.

Easy and Safe To Put Together

Exposing children to new toys always gets the parents extra skeptical of safety concerns. The tiny pieces in each wooden kit are laser cut by immense precision to ensure that they’re not sharp enough to harm anyone’s skin. They also don’t require glue and other ointments to stick together so you can get that off your mind. However, it won’t be recommended to expose children below the age of 3 to play with the kit. There’s a risk of swallowing the tiny wooden pieces. Besides that, you’re all good to go.

The Bottom Line

3D Medieval wooden models are a great way to keep yourself and your children occupied. They are easy to put together and very environmentally friendly too. When you’re stuck somewhere with nothing to do, pull out a box of wooden model kits! Decorate your living room with several of these and give your guests something to talk about. Educate your children about ancient history and bond with them after dinner using one of these. Build your and your children’s motors skills by completing this puzzle together. When you’re done, admire the piece of art you so arduously constructed.

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