3D Wooden Treasure Box Puzzle

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Due to the logistics policy, the entire model kit does not include glue.

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You can build you own treasure box. This  3D Wooden Puzzle Kits is a perfect combination of woodcraft and mechanical, with detailed,step-by-step instructions books,anyone can DIY your unique version secret box. You can even set a three-digital password for it.

【Challenging But Fun】The whole set is extremely well designed, with very tight tolerances and good machining. The interlocking mechanisms are pretty ingenious. Assembling without glue and chemicals. Details are already cut and ready to assemble. The wood is beautiful and smooth.

【Delicate Storage Container】Add more elegant touch with the beautifully carved Treasure Box. Not only assembly but also the unlocking process brings a lot of fun. After inputting the code, you use a key to open it. Then you can keep your private items or jewelry in it safe and sound.

【Non-Glue& Natural】Exquisite external packing, High-quality materials. With Laser Cutting Technology, the pieces are easy to remove from the sheet of plywood, the laser cutting is precise and clean.


  • Assembled Size:100*124*85 mm
  • Packaging Size: 240*330*40 mm
  • Wood Pieces: 123 pcs
  • Weight: 800g
  • Estimated assembly time: 5 hours.
  • Age Range: > 8 years old
  • Warning: Small Parts Not for Children under 3 years old
3D Wooden Movie Projector Kit-4


  • FRONT: This rotary knob is used to enter the password to open the box. The password is set at the time of assembly. After assembly, the password cannot be changed.The password is a three-digit number. There are 1,000 digits between 000-999. You can set 810 of them as the password, but 190 of them cannot be set, please refer to the manual for details.
  • BACK: There are two holes in the back that can insert the key, open the box and rotate the key so that the inner tray can open and rise.
  • TOP: Rotate the gear to open a small space at the top.
  • BOTTOM: At the bottom you can record the password you set, and there laser engraved the way of dialing the password
Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 10 × 12.4 × 8.5 cm

Customer Reviews

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A beautiful challenge

This was a extremely satisfying project with beautiful results. It was enough of a challenge to be truly engaging with instructions that were clear and easy to follow. The pieces fit together perfectly and my only struggle was with the round sticks that hold some of the pieces together, but those have to be nice and snug, so patience was the key there. I love that the finished project shows visible gears where possible, and there is a lot of satisfaction in having built my own working combination lock. I had one piece break, but fortunatey there was a spare. Phew! I will definitely be wanting more.